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Hello, City of Highland Park residents! With winter approaching, there’s nothing quite like gathering around a warm fireplace. At Chimney Monkey, we’re committed to ensuring your fireplace is not only a source of coziness but also a safe haven for your winter nights.

Our priority is your safety and comfort. Let us take care of your chimney needs, so you can fully enjoy the upcoming season. Don’t miss out on the magic of a crackling fire due to a neglected chimney. Fill out the form below to receive a FREE chimney sweep quote, or reach out to us directly at 847-994-4388 or via email.

Let’s make your winter in Highland Park unforgettable – warm, safe, and delightful.

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    Randy GorospeRandy Gorospe
    16:21 31 Jul 23
    Tech was very thorough and very helpful. Even though we have more work to be done, he was very clear on details of it all.Update: Work was done by Rufino and his crew. They were quick, detailed, and service-focused. Very clean during and after the job (exterior work is messy). They did great.
    Cody ThomasCody Thomas
    15:59 16 Jun 23
    We are very happy with their service. My family had just moved into our home, and wanted to have our fireplace inspected and cleaned, as it looked like it needed it before use. I am glad we did after seeing the camera footage and the pictures of the inside, as they were able to show us how dirty it was, and point out all the safety issues the previous homeowners hadn’t taken care of that would have caused us many more problems down the line. Thank you so much for your help!
    Teresa SzafranskiTeresa Szafranski
    19:59 03 Jun 23
    I am truly impressed with the service I received. The removal of the old stove was challenging (even needed some tile replacement, which they took care of immediately) and installation of the new stove was not easy either. The crew was super considerate, super clean and professional. I can say only good things about these guys. Brett was great at finding me the right stove (for a best price possible) and took the time to explain how to operate it. I will definitely book Chimney Monkey for more work I'm planning in the near future. PS. AWESOME COMPANY NAME!
    Ian HIan H
    03:17 19 Apr 23
    Outstanding, talented, hardworking team. Installed flue liner, repaired smoke chamber. They covered our furniture, tented their workspace, took care to protect the house during the job. High quality work. I'd recommend these guys every day of the week.
    Excellent experience with Chimney Monkey and we definitely recommend them to anyone looking for professional chimney services. Danya was responsive to our inquiry and helpful with our questions when we were setting up our appointment via email. Our technician was totally professional -- Mike was timely, helpful and informative, and he took the time to explain to us a problem he found in our chimney during the inspection. We felt we could absolutely trust his assessment and recommendations. There was no sales pitch, just an upfront and honest assessment. We feel much safer having had our chimney inspected with Chimney Monkey and we will not hesitate to hire them again. Great customer service and overall positive experience. Thank you!

    Situated in the idyllic northern suburbs of the bustling city of Chicago, a mere 25 miles away from the heart of downtown, lies the enchanting and picturesque City of Highland Park. This charming city boasts an array of captivating features that contribute to its unique allure. From its captivating neighborhoods that exude timeless elegance to the vibrant energy of its downtown shopping district, Highland Park has much to offer its residents and visitors alike.

    Among its many distinctive attractions, the Ravinia Festival stands as a cultural gem, showcasing world-class performances that draw enthusiasts from far and wide. The city also boasts the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpieces, which grace the streets with their innovative and iconic designs. Notably, Highland Park has earned a place in cinematic history, as one of its most remarkable homes took center stage in the iconic film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to its local allure.

    Highland Park’s rich cultural landscape doesn’t end with movies and music. During the summer months, it transforms into a haven for music aficionados with the resounding melodies of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. As winter wraps its gentle embrace around the city, the tempo of life shifts, inviting residents to relish in the serene beauty of North Shore living.

    With its unique blend of cultural offerings, architectural splendor, and a sense of community that resonates through every corner, Highland Park stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of history and modernity. Its vibrant summers and tranquil winters create a dynamic tapestry of experiences that make it a truly wonderful place to call home.

    Experience the beauty of long winters in Highland Park, a vibrant suburban city nestled in Lake County, Illinois. Situated about 25 miles north of downtown Chicago, Highland Park is a captivating part of the North Shore. With a population of 30,176 as of the 2020 census, it’s a place where urban amenities meet suburban tranquility. As we eagerly anticipate serving you, remember that our services cover Highland Park’s zip codes: 60035 and 60040. Let’s ensure your fireplace is ready for the season ahead! #HighlandParkIL #WinterWonderland #ChimneyServices

    During the long winters in Highland Park, nothing says coming home from a long commute and day at the office like an evening around the fire. When you gather around the fireplace with your family, you are creating memories that will last forever.  If you are looking for a Highland Park chimney cleaning service, look no further than Chimney Monkey. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Feel free to reach out to our office from Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm, at 847-994-4388. Highland Park, located in the scenic southeastern part of Lake County, Illinois, is a lively suburban city positioned just 25 miles north of downtown Chicago.

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    Chimney Sweep includes cleaning of the flue with spinning brushes, sweep of the smoke chamber and fire box and making sure rain cap is properly fitted.
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