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Winter is coming to Kenilworth, IL! Be prepared and safe this burning season by having your chimney swept and inspected! Call 847 994 4388 or email today!

    Kenilworth is a village in Cook County, Illinois, 15 miles north of downtown Chicago. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 2,513. Kenilworth zip we service is 60043

    If you are a Kenilworth resident, you know that winters are long and nothing says coming home like an evening around the fire. Whether you gather around the fireplace alone or with your family, you are creating memories that will last forever.  If you are looking for a chimney cleaning service, look no further than Chimney Monkey. You won’t be disappointed. We look forward to working with you soon!  Chimney Monkey charges $190 to $280 for a chimney sweep.

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    Kenilworth Chimney Sweep
    Kenilworth Chimney Sweep
    Chimney Monkey
    Chimney Monkey,ILLINOIS- Telephone No.847 994 4388
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    Chimney Sweep includes cleaning of the flue with spinning brushes, sweep of the smoke chamber and fire box and making sure rain cap is properly fitted.
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