Chimney Service in Deerfield ILChimney cleaning is essential for all homeowners with chimneys. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cleaning your chimney should be an annual to-do. If you are a homeowner who can’t remember the last time the chimney in your fireplace was cleaned, it’s time to get your fireplace chimney cleaned out.

  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Fireplace Repairs
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Chimney Tuckpointing
  • Rain Cap Installation
  • Damper Repair

The cleaning of the chimney of a fireplace or furnace system can be quite complicated, but our team of highly qualified professionals at Chimney Monkey can help tackle any issues, from an inspection to diagnosing a chimney abnormality to a complete and professional chimney cleaning. Our technicians will remove soot, blockages, and built-up creosote from your chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber, and damper.

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As a homeowner, even if you don’t use your chimney or your fireplace often, you should follow through with an annual chimney cleaning and fireplace checkup. The age of your home, the condition of your chimney, and the weather (keep in mind milder winters can cause more issues with your chimney and fireplace than severe winters), will also affect how frequently your chimney will need a cleaning.

Small animals or birds may have built nests in the flue during the summer. Leaves may have built up during the fall season. Any of these blockages can be dangerous in a chimney to home properties.

Even if you heat with gas, a clean burning fuel, the chimney should be checked regularly.

No homeowner wants to deal with soot fires, smoke in their home, or a fireplace chimney that won’t work as it should. That’s what we’re here for! Leave it to Chimney Monkey.

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