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Winter is coming to Glenview! Be prepared and safe this burning season by having your chimney cleaned and inspected! Call Chimney Monkey at 847 994 4388

    One of Chicago’s larger suburbs, Glenview is home to over 45,000 residents. Always noted as one of the best places in Illinois to raise a family, Village has incredible public schools, including New Trier Township High School, Glenbrook South and North High Schools, John Hersey High School, and Niles North High School, all of which received an A+ national rating. A self-professed dog-loving community, it’s not uncommon to find Glenview residents walking their dogs in the morning and evening, stopping to talk to neighbors out gardening or enjoying a drink on their front porches.

    Safe and small, one of Glenview’s more popular local attractions is The Glen, which is an outdoor mall that offers great restaurants, ships, and incomparable people watching. While it was once a Naval Air Station, the base closed in 1995 and was renovated as the now-known “Glen” in 1999. This outdoor area is so big that it actually makes up fifteen percent of Glenview. In addition to dining and shipping, The Glen also features a lake, sports fields, several walking and biking trails, and the easily-accessible North Glenview Metra station, which will take residents quickly to and from Chicago.

    Often described as quaint and friendly, Glenview also has a very popular library and fun ice rink, giving residents endless opportunities to enjoy life in this Chicago suburb. As another bonus, the town is also conveniently located to O’hare airport.

    Glenview Zip codes we service: 60016, 60025, 60026, 60029, 60062 and 60082

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    Chimney Sweep in Glenview IL
    Chimney Sweep in Glenview IL
    Chimney Monkey
    Chimney Monkey,Glenview, IL- Telephone No.847 994 4385
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    Glenview IL
    Chimney Sweep includes cleaning of the flue with spinning brushes, sweep of the smoke chamber and fire box and making sure rain cap is properly fitted.
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