Chimney Crown Repair

Any chimney is both a work of art and a feat of engineering. Simple in theory, overwhelmingly complicated in practice. So it often comes as a surprise to homeowners to learn just how many components there are in a modern chimney, and how many ways these parts can fail.

Among these, the chimney cap, crown, and chase cover are the most easily confused. For one thing, they sound like different ways of saying the same thing. To make matters worse, they are also components that shield your flue and chimney from the elements. But ultimately you’ll want to know what each of these parts are, if only to avoid being scammed by shady chimney thugs. To keep your chimney humming and puffing along sweetly, it’s crucial to maintain the health of each of those components over the lifespan of your chimney.


The chimney cap sits, like a hat, on top of your chimney, prevent rain, debris, and small animals from entering your otherwise unprotected flue. For this reason, it’s one of the most crucial components in the whole chimney apparatus; without a chimney cap, you would be liable for hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of water damage every year. Not to mention the fact that your fireplace would be extinguished every time it rained.

Chase cover

Just as the chimney cap prevents damage to your flue from within, the chase cover protects it from external damage. Think of a chase cover like a big metal (usually galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel) umbrella for your entire chimney top. The chase cover fits over the external part of a chimney almost like the lid of a shoebox, shielding it from rain, snow, hail and whatever else Zeus throws at you.


Last but not least, the chimney crown is the piece that holds everything together. This concrete fixture seals the top of the chimney, protecting the exposed masonry. High quality chimney crowns are exceptionally durable, but they are still often the first part to go as they get the brunt of the season’s arsenal of precipitation. Any wise homeowner will keep an eye on their chimney crown, as any cracks in the concrete will seriously compromise the health of your chimney. Even the smallest amounts of water can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your chimney, and the chimney crown is your first line of defense. So be sure to call Chimney Monkey if you notice any deterioration in your chimney crown. If you don’t call right away, you will only have to pay double (or more) later!

But why wait? Call ahead for our preventative chimney crown maintenance! Our chimney experts use a professional-grade elastomeric (i.e., stretchy) coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane to protect chimney crowns. In less than 24 hours, it dries and cures completely, leaving a natural concrete appearance.

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