Chicago's North Shore Chimney Sweep & Repair

No monkey business here! Just prompt, reliable, and friendly chimney cleaning!

Why do our customers love us? Because we put you first! A clean chimney isn’t just about appearances—it’s about creating a safe, warm, and inviting home environment. At Chimney Monkey, we’re not only experts in chimney cleaning and repair, but we’re also dedicated to delivering peace of mind through top-notch service.

Our chimney professionals go the extra mile by thoroughly inspecting your flue, vents, and chimney structure, ensuring everything operates flawlessly. Unlike larger corporations, we customize our services to match your specific needs, avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions. Our loyal clientele relies on us to care for their homes, and your well-being is our utmost priority.

Trust Chimney Monkey for a job done right and a home that’s both cozy and secure. Contact us today!

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Chimney Monkey’s mission is to assist families in building memories centered around the warmth and comfort of a radiant fire as humans have done since the beginning.

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Chimneys Rebuilt
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Chimney Services We Offer

At Chimney Monkey, we’re your go-to full-service fireplace and chimney company. Whether it’s interior or exterior, we’ve got you covered. From repairs to enhancements, we’re here to ensure your fireplace and chimney are functioning flawlessly and looking their best.

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