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How to get your chimney ready for fall & winter

Now that summer is coming to an end and the leaves are turning to that amazing golden, orange and red hue, it is no surprise that homeowners are preparing their chimneys for a busy burning season. With chimneys, there are certain steps that have to be taken to ensure that they are in perfect condition and one of the most important of these steps is the inspection of the chimney. Below, we have taken out time to highlight some tips on how to about this.

Why Inspect Before the Burning Season?

The functionality of your chimney requires a proper inspection otherwise; you run the risk of witnessing chimney leaks, fires and so on. It is important that you ensure you chimney is the right condition before the period when you need it. Ideally, you should schedule you chimney inspection during the spring season; this will ensure it is in perfect working condition by winter.

Check Your Fireplace

It is crucial that you check your fireplace. This helps boost safety and improve chimney efficiency. While certain firms will offer fireplace inspection together with chimney services, you have to be on the lookout for certain things all through the year and they include:

Ensuring your damper is operational;

Inspecting your masonry for possible cracks, loose bricks and wears;

Lookout for soot buildup in the smoke chamber; and

Making sure you have the tools needed to control your fire.

Reach out to a professional fireplace inspector if you observe or suspect that something is wrong. There may be serious safety and health consequences for ignoring a worn out masonry or a failed damper.

Pay Attention to the Chimney Cap

While it may be impossible to completely predict winter precipitation, you can be sure that there are serious consequences that could arise from a failed chimney cap. The cap was designed to keep out rain and melted snow from your chimney. If this cap becomes faulty, water could enter you chimney if you are lucky. If you are not, the water could find its way into the middle of your chimney masonry and liner. If this is the case, it has to be fixed as soon as possible because it can lead to sever damage in the long run. This is one of the major reasons why it is important that you carry out fireplace and chimney inspection on a yearly basis.

Get a Thorough Chimney Cleaning

It is crucial that you begin the winter period with a thoroughly cleaned chimney, after you must have had it inspected of course. This reduces the chances of chimney fires due to creosote, which is quite dangerous and highly flammable. It is possible to carry out chimney cleaning and inspection on the same day, making it a lot more convenient for you and you household. Chemicals and or creosote logs alone will not thoroughly clean your chimney so do not rely on them; you could hire professionals to help you with the chimney cleaning process.

You may need to make some changes to you wardrobe as you approach fall and winter; however, it doesn’t end there. You will also have to ensure your furnace is in perfect working condition, clean out gutter even before the leaves start falling and of course, clean out your chimney after inspection. This way, you are sure to have rest of mind in your home as you await winter.

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