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Your chimney gets the most abuse from the Nature – it is one of the most exposed areas of your home, and one of the most visible. Chimneys bear the brunt of harshest weather conditions, such as constant freezing and thawing. Fireplace fires and furnace heating warms the brick while outside temperatures cool it – all of that is causing tremendous stress on the integrity of your chimney.

Make sure your chimney is ready to face XXXXXXXXX winters by having your chimney inspected and chimney repair & rebuild done if necessary!

Call 847 994 4388 or email today. Helping you to safely enjoy your winter in XXXXXXXXXXXXX by the fire is our number one priority.

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    Avoid leaks into your home – and other expensive repairs – by giving your chimney the attention that it requires. If you noticed discoloration, crumbling or missing mortars and bricks on your chimney, it is time to call Chimney Monkey

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